A 2 bed Lancaster house for sale with River Views for just £75,000

Today’s property deal jumped out to us.    It’s more suited to a builder looking for a house to renovate ( it does need work as the agent kindly points out ).

This home does need updating hence the price tag of just £75,000

This home does need updating hence the price tag of just £75,000








Located on Lord Street, this is a house with River Views.  Views always grab our attention.  Especially when you know they aren’t going to change and we very doubt they will here!

Lord Street is a great residential location.  It just minutes from the city centre and you can cross the river easily using the Millennium Bridge.

In great condition we’ve seen houses on here sell as high as £115,000 and that’s after the market crashed!

Choose to rent this out and you could easily be getting a gross rental yield of above 6% and that is working on theory the house will stand you at £100,000 done up!  If you’d like a more detailed opinion just call and ask me.

Check out the details on Rightmove


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