Is this Lancaster Property Under Value?

Every day I am looking on Rightmove. I’m looking for properties for this blog. I’m checking to see what is happening in the local market. I’m looking to see what competition is for sale ( e.g., what my vendors houses are competing with ).

Today, in my search I came across this two bed terrace for sale in Skerton. It looks cheap. You might say, too cheap to be true!

A 2 bed terrace with a yield of 8%

Is this Lancaster property too good to be true?

Alexandra Road is described as a well presented 2 bed house. On the photos it does not disappoint, hence we feel it’s possibly underpriced.

Take a look at the photos. The kitchen is modern. The white shower room is nicely tiled. If you rented this at just £450pcm, you get an annual return of £5400, or a gross yield of 7.7%.

Take a look at the details here….