Looking for a bargain property to renovate in Bowerham?

Every so often we get asked to sell a house that needs work.  In this instance, quite a bit of work, although not as horrifying as you first think ( click the link and view the photos,  you’ll soon see what I mean!)

Adelphi Street, Bowerham - It needs work!

Welcome to Adelphi Street.  It’s for sale with my own agency and we are asking offers over £85,000 on this one.   Look past the photos and see the potential.  Think about the positives ( It’s in a great location neighbouring the University of Cumbria ).

We have sold a house similar to this on the same street.  It fetched £125,000 with an average kitchen and smaller garden ( the bathroom was stunning though! )

We think if you kept the same layout ( just add a dormer to the rear ), you could have a great 3 bed home worth in the region of £130,000.

What do you think?  Call us to view on 01524 843322.

Here is the rightmove link to so you can take a closer look